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Metal Roof Ducting Kit



Metal roof exhausting duct kit includes:
610mm / 150mm diameter, rigid ducting pipe.
3000mm / 150mm diameter, flexible semi rigid ducting pipe.
Waterproof roof cowl.
Metal roof flashing.
125mm to 150mm duct adapter where spigot size is 120mm in diameter.
2 x 165mm worm drive duct clamp - used to secure flexible semi-rigid ducting and flashing to rigid ducting pipe.
Galvanised metal strap - to secure rigid ducting pipe to roof struts or joists.
3.5mm diameter drill bit to drill holes for rivets to secure strap to rigid ducting pipe and roof cowl to rigid ducting pipe.
10 x 3.2mm rivets.
48mm wide ducting tape - to secure flexible semi-rigid ducting pipe to spigot and / or adapter.

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